How does it work?

browse other people’s trips
use their itinerary as a starting point
bring your itinerary with you,
take photos
share your trip when you get back
Man hiking in Corsica

Browse other people’s trips

Maybe you’re not sure where to go,
or you have an idea but want some suggested itineraries,
or you know exactly where you want to go but are missing some vital information.

Screenshot of grid of trip thumbnails on desktop webapp
Screenshot of a trip thumbnail on mobile webapp

Build your trip

Work out how to get from the airport
to your hotel using public transport.
Find a hotel near the metro stop.
Get an idea of cost and make sure all
the bits go together before you book.

Screenshot of trip builder on desktop webapp
Surfer riding a wave in Mundaka

Bring your itinerary with you

Get directions to your next destination.
Take photos and share with family and friends.

Screenshot of edit photo screen on iPhone app
Screenshot of itinerary on iPhone app

Pay it forward

Share your trip’s photos and itinerary
when you get back to help someone else. 

Screenshot of make trip public on desktop webapp